The Sabbatical Year

Shmita (or the sabbatical year) is the 7th year in which there is no agricultural activity except that which is needed to “maintain” the plants.  Any fruit of these were ownerless and could be eaten by anyone who picked them.   At the end of the Shmita, debts owed by ones brothers (Tribes of Israel) were to be released.  If we look back into each of our genealogy, we will find that we are most likely included.  The world has, at this time, reached a point of insurmountable debt which is destroying people and nations while a select few gain from the demise of others.  Perhaps it is time for us to consider finding a way of forgiving these insurmountable debts and return to a point that we only buy what we can afford, and not lend beyond what can be repaid.  Perhaps it is time for us all to return to learning about wisdom rather than greed.  If we do not, we will be missing one of the lessons to be learned in this lifetime.


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