Lies & Truths

We believe the lies
when we are scared of the truth,
when we are comforted by the lies,
when we lack the courage to confront them,
when we fail to question,
when we do not feel we have the power to enforce the truth,
when we are afraid to lead.

To believe the lies
gives power to those who seek to manipulate us,
gives away our futures to slavery,
gives the power to falsely accuse the innocent,
takes away who we really are . . . what we really are,
gives away hope of justice.

To see the truths
demand that we look at what is,
demands us to look inside ourselves for the courage to act,
demands that we seek and support justice and fairness,
demands that we have the humility to admit being wrong,
demands to question what is being said,
demands to question if there is more that was omitted,
demands us to live honestly.

With truths, we are provided with the opportunities
to accept our own limitations,
to accept the challenge of being forgiving,
to stop tyranny and slavery,
to foster hope and faith,
to create a better way,
to confront injustice and false witnessing.

It is hard to know the truth at times
and to look inside ourselves,
but with patience, questioning and willingness to see what others see,
it is possible.

Sometimes to see the truth
we need to look into our own hearts
as well as the hearts of others.

One truth is that there is most often a consistency between
what is stated and that is the outcome of actions.


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